You desire to book an Escort Lady? For an Escort booking at Agency-Vip-Escort SL please fill in completely the enclosed form.

We need some information about you in advance and we will contact you directly afterwards via Email. A 100% per cent discretion is guaranteed.

All information is kept confidential and will not be forwarded to third parties. Don’t forget to give us your Email address and please make sure that you have read our Escort-Information before and you are definitely sure about the booking. Thank you.


Please pay attention, that our E-mail-answer will not be classified as Junk-Mail.


After receiving the completly filled out form we will contact you immediately.

Notice: All ladies are being mediated through our agency in order to protect their privacy - before and after a date. Please behave like a "gentleman" by not asking a lady for her phone number. Also, we kindly ask you not to hand out any business cards to the ladies, as this could cause trouble their private lives. If you are interested in booking a professional lady or in saving the agency commission, please book an independent lady who mediates herself.