Here you can find general informations for Independent Escort Service

On our platform, we present you beautiful independent escort ladies, who you can contact directly by e-mail. On each lady’s page you will find her correponding e-mail address.


Please let your ideal lady know the following:

- desired date
- desired time
- place and hotel address
- needs of your specific occasion
- some personal details from you


You will find the fees on the page Fees. Prices will be the same with respect to all ladies. You will find travelling costs on each single lady’s page. There are no agency fees with us! You will conclude everything with the escort lady herself.


The escort service you will get by your selected Escort Lady:

- a perfectly styled and very attractive lady
- a clean and well-groomed person
- kindness and sensitivity
- discretion
- elegance and high standard
- friendliness
- a great erotic service
- a "part time-lover"
- intelligence and education


The beautiful Independent Escortladies expect from you as follows:

Being absolutely clean and well-groomed
You can only expect a great erotic service, if you do as well assure hygiene.

Please offer a drink to the lady, even if you only booked a 2-hour-date.

Handing-over of the fee at the beginning of the escort date
Please do not forget that the lady should receive the fee at the beginning of the date. Otherwise the lady might get suspicious and this could disturb the atmosphere. Most of the ladies do not feel comfortable counting the fee. Meanwhile Escort is not a service and we would like you to keep that in mind.

Please be so kind and give the Lady the opportunity to check the fee at the beginning, so that this subject is completed in order to avoid any inconvenience afterwards.


Independent Escorts will very much appreciate the following:

Every Escort-Lady appreciates a little gift such as flowers, perfume, chocolate or a little souvenir from your home country. This is not an obligation but just a little kindness coming from you.

Honesty is the best policy. Please feel free to talk to your selected Escort-lady about your requests. Please cut out fake compliments and just be honest and tell the lady if there is something you do not like. No one will take offence of this. It is worse to pretend to like the lady and to give a bad feedback afterwards. We are all “human beings” and the ladies can as well learn from honest criticism.

If you book a smoker, please pay attention to reserve a hotel room for smokers.


The beautiful Escort Independent Models do not appreciate:

Having a drink from time to time is fine, but for sure the lady will not feel comfortable if the guest who welcomes her is drunk and hardly able to stand upright.

Please do not ask any of the ladies to perform intercourse without condoms. Today it should be taken for granted to protect oneself and others by using condoms.