Escort Service Munich and Escort Nuremberg with Tamara. She offers a discreet top Escort Augsburg and a erotic Model Escort Stuttgart. Vip Escorts Ulm.

Nationality: German
Age: 21
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 173cm
Chest/waist/hips: 84-62-93
Size: 34/36
Weight: 51kg
Bra: 75 B
Occupation: Model, student (Spanish, history of art)
Interests: Painting, playing piano, dancing (Salsa), to photograph, travelling
Languages: German and Spanish fluently, French, English
Star sign: Libra
Photography: Not possible
Availability: Worldwide
Special: Also bookable with Angela
Tamara likes: Perfume: Jil Sander, SUN
Flowers: Roses
Food: Spanish, italian and chinese cuisine
Drinks: Cocktails, Red- and White Wine, Champagne

An expessive personality is hidden behind Tamaras elfin gracile epiphany. Next to her, admiring glances will almost lavish on you due to her inherent elegance and her magical attractiveness as well! Her affection to the dance can´t be overlooked, because not without good reason this dancer stands for an emblem for grace and feminin eroticism as well.

At the age of 18 already, Tamara was a fashion model in demand on international catwalks, that´s why she enjoys being in company of people of different culture. Only a pretentious and a tamarauty liking gentleman understands appreciating the company of this always well dressed trend-setter with the perfect sense of style.

Tamara is used to attentiveness as well and, after having a humorous and exalted conversation she loves to fascinate the gentlemen of her tingly eroticism and maybe to arouse a hot role play... best her in the leading role! Best you take this extraordinary tamarauty out for an exclusive dinner in order to assure yourself of her uniqueness. Tamara is also bookable as an Bi-Lady-Duo with Angela or Guilia.

Travellingcosts for Escort Lady Tamara

Nuremberg: 30 Euro
Darmstadt: 90 Euro
Munich: 100 Euro
Frankfurt: 150 Euro
Stuttgart: 100 Euro
Heidelberg: 100 Euro
Dresden: 100 Euro
Baden-Baden: 120 Euro
Fribourg: 120 Euro
Cologne: 200 Euro
Salzburg: 150 Euro
Hamburg: 250 Euro
Berlin: 200 Euro
Vienna: 150 Euro
Ibiza: 200 Euro
Majorca: 200 Euro
Barcelona: 200 Euro

All other cities and countries on request.